Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching


To be a successful sports competitor, you need to be very disciplined, very focused, very dedicated, and very skillful. You also need to have high self-esteem and be very confident. You need to put in many, many hours of training every week. You need to push yourself to your limits and beyond. You need to be able to perform at your peak, for yourself, for your team and for your fans, as often as possible.

But, what about your life? You also need to live, like everyone else. Look at your family, and your friends. Does your Sports career make it difficult for you to fit in all the things you would like – good friends, a decent relationship, a balanced social life? And what about interests? Have you time to develop your interests? Have you time to think about longer term goals? What about family life? Is the lack of balance in your life having an adverse effect on your performances, no matter how disciplined and skillful you are? We help you to look at an overview of your life. By doing this you will be able to see what areas of your life need to be addressed.

We then work on those areas in a structured manner, using the language of your sport to identify the changes you may need to make. By becoming aware of these areas, and improving on them, you can expect to see your sports performance improve also. If you want to optimise your performance levels, you need all aspects of your life flowing in the same direction.




You can apply now for our Autumn 2018 Courses, running from October 2018 to May 2019 in DUBLIN (2 courses) CORK ENNIS & DONEGAL

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Advanced Diploma in Coaching Oct 2018 APPLY NOW!

The Advanced Diploma in Coaching is aimed at professional coaches who want to take their coaching career to its next level and who want to move towards their ICF accreditation and also for accredited ICF coaches looking to renew their accreditation (32 CCEs available) Click here>

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Certificate in Career Coaching Nov 2018

The Certificate in Career Coaching workshop is aimed at professional coaches who are interested in working in the area of career coaching and is also suitable for people working in areas such as HR, Career Guidance, Back to Work Support roles or similar backgrounds Click here>