Life Balance Coaching

Life Balance Coaching


To find “inner peace”, we first must acquire a Life Balance. Do you find that your work is taking over your life? You have less and less time to do the things you want; to be with your partner, your kids, your self! When you do get home, you just succumb to the comfort of the sofa for the night, because you simply haven’t got the energy to do anything else? Is this you?

We help you to look at your value system; the roles you are playing and the amount of time and energy you are investing in them. Do these roles reflect the type of person you want to be, or do they need to be re-defined? What is included in your belief system? Are you living your life or someone else’s? By giving yourself the time to look at your life in a structured, objective way, you allow yourself the chance to change your life & start living the life you want. Don’t allow your roles to dictate your values; rather allow your values to dictate your roles.



You can apply now for our Autumn 2017 Courses, running from October 2017 to May 2018 in DUBLIN (2 courses), CORK, ENNIS and DONEGAL TOWN

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Advanced Diploma in Coaching Oct 2017 APPLY NOW!

The Advanced Diploma in Coaching is aimed at professional coaches who want to take their coaching career to its next level and who want to move towards their ICF accreditation and also for accredited ICF coaches looking to renew their accreditation (35 CCEs available) Click here>

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Certificate in Career Coaching Nov 2017 APPLY NOW!

The Certificate in Career Coaching workshop is aimed at professional coaches who are interested in working in the area of career coaching and is also suitable for people working in areas such as HR, Career Guidance, Back to Work Support roles or similar backgrounds Click here>